13-18 September 2019
Europe/Warsaw timezone

Hunt for exotic “elementary” particles in crystals.

18 Sep 2019, 09:00
ZAPROSZONY wykład w sesji równoległej Fizyka materii skondensowanej (S5) Fizyka materii skondensowanej


Prof. Adam Kaminski (Iowa State University)


The theoretical prediction and subsequent discovery of topological quantum materials produced significant excitement for high energy and solid state physicists alike. Due to peculiar spin properties of quasiparticles in these materials, they are deemed very promising for revolutionizing the electronics as well as storage and processing of data. This is because of unusual spin properties of quasiparticles and topological protection of their quantum states. Several realizations of exotic particles first predicted by high energy theory were observed in crystals, such as Dirac and Weyl fermions. There are also few preliminary reports of observing Majorana fermions. In this talk I will discuss recent developments in the search for exotic states and several systems that are promising for observation and harvesting the properties of these fascinating objects.

Primary author

Prof. Adam Kaminski (Iowa State University)

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