13-18 September 2019
Europe/Warsaw timezone

Superstatistical methods for complex systems

14 Sep 2019, 15:00
ZAPROSZONY wykład w sesji równoległej Fizyka statystyczna (S6) Fizyka statystyczna


Prof. Christian Beck (Queen Mary University of London, UK)


The superstatistics concept, introduced some 16 years ago in [1], is a useful general method to describe driven nonequilibrium systems in spatio-temporally inhomogeneous environments that exhibit fluctuations of one or several intensive parameters. After a brief introduction to the basic ideas, I will concentrate onto three examples of useful recent applications, namely acceleration statistics of tracer particles in turbulent flows [2], the measured momentum statistics of cosmic ray particles [3] and the statistics of frequency fluctuations in power grids. Indeed, the changing consumer demand and trading patterns in electricity markets, as measured by tiny frequency deviations from 50 Hz in the various European power grids, appear to be well-described by superstatistical models taking into account the growing fraction of renewable energy generation [4].

[1] C. Beck and E.G.D. Cohen, Physica A 322, 267 (2003)
[2] C. Beck, Phys. Rev. Lett. 98, 064502 (2007)
[3] G.C. Yalcin and C. Beck, Scientific Reports 8, 1764 (2018)
[4] B. Schaefer, C. Beck, K. Aihara, D. Witthaut, and M. Timme, Nature Energy 3, 119 (2018)

Primary author

Prof. Christian Beck (Queen Mary University of London, UK)

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